I Am the Victim of a Crime on Someone Else’s Property. Am I Entitled to Compensation?

If you are the victim of the crime, you should first contact the police and file criminal charges. In some situations, you may also be able to file a civil lawsuit against a third party who shared some responsibility for the crime. These are often premises liability cases in which insufficient security measures led to criminal activity. Filing a lawsuit may help victims receive closure after a traumatic event — and help prevent future crimes. If you or a loved one has been the victim of a crime, please contact Tucson negligence lawyers for help.

Business proprietors, landlords and property owners have a duty to protect patrons, visitors and tenants from harm. They must take measures to protect from foreseeable harm.

Reasons a crime victim might file a premises liability claim against a property owner or landlord include:

  • Ineffective security - The security staff was not properly trained, background checks were not performed or the staff did not perform their jobs well.
  • Broken doors or locks – Outdated or broken security measures let a perpetrator in.
  • Damaged security alarms and cameras – The premises were not adequately secured by alarms or security cameras.
  • Poor lighting – Dark hallways, parking lots and common spaces created unsafe conditions.
  • Unmonitored parking lots or garages – Unsafe parking lots are common ground for crime.

Types of crimes commonly associated with premises liability lawsuits and Tucson faulty security include:

  • Assault and battery
  • Robbery and theft
  • Rape
  • Animal attacks
  • Homicide

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